Punto Neutro. Frequent Asked Questions

  1. What is Punto Neutro?

    Punto Neutro, SL is a company that has as main objective to provide a solid communication channel such that companies and professionals from different fields can communicate in an easy, efficient and secure way.

    Punto Neutro serves as the trusted third party between the parties, attesting to all communications.

    In the near future, we will offer a directory for any professional or company can sue third-party services with a single click, without having to contact the other party, without effort, without additional concerns.

    One of the main values of Punto Neutro is the adaptability of systems that allows, at low cost, thus facilitating interaction between companies to increase competitiveness and improve the workflow of any business.

  2. What kind of services do we offer?

    At the moment we offer certified and secure electronic communication.

    In the near future we will offer translation services of electronic formats for an efficient communication between business networks, electronic billing services, bulletin board services multifirm and ultimately, a gifted space with all the facilities for our users to manage all their unified communications, from any device, anywhere, with the simple fact of being connected to Punto Neutro.

  3. What is the legal validity?

    All activity that generates the entity is protected by the Law 34/2002 of July 11's, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, the procurement of goods and services electronically and the provision of information by such means; and by the Spanish and EU regulations.

    As for the legal soundness of our services, it should be added that under Article 326 of the Code of Civil Procedure, private documents make full proof in the process "when no authenticity is challenged by the party to whom harm. " It is at this point that we must emphasize that communication technologies on which is based the Punto Neutro platform never been challenged in contrast, to date, in any legal proceedings.

    For more information please go to section "Legislation" of our homepage.

  4. Who may be useful our services?

    For any professional or business that needs to maintain communication with third parties as a result of their daily activity or a specific need.

  5. How these services work?

    Punto Neutro supports a portfolio of services to solve different needs in the field of business communication.

    The main services that will be available are:

    • LOCKtoSEND is a service of sending electronic files of any type and size to one or multiple recipients, with the main value of demonstrating that you are sending it belongs and that its recipient has received information on a specific date and time.

      Thanks to LOCKtoSEND any professional can submit their projects and ideas to others safely.

    • UPtoSEND is a communication service that allows sending documents and files of any type and size to one or more recipients, certifying the acceptance of the receipt notification from recipients on a specific date.

      UPtoSEND is intended for professionals or companies as a result of their daily work, requiring to demonstrate the effective delivery of documents with knowledge of the recipient.

      However, UPtoSEND not prove the authorship of these files, unless specifically will be demanded before shipment.

    • Design Office is a space for counselling aimed at:

      • Allow interconnection between heterogeneous business networks systems. Punto Neutro will make a link between the parties, facilitating the connection and translation of data, thus avoiding the high costs of implementation or change the existing software.

      • Facilitate functional implementations . Design Office deliver a set of software libraries that will create or adapt applications or functionalities on demand.

      • Creating Templates ad-hoc . This way users can improve usage models and management software facilitating their daily work.

      • Creating automations . The future of many business models involves automating processes. Design Office provides a set of alternatives that will make this automation to the needs of each user.

      • Electronic service multifirm. Allow any user have a virtual portfolio of documents, giving it the ability to authorize access and allowing the sample and signing those documents in several parts simultaneously.

        This service has been created specifically for all professional, business or public administration that requires instant multifirm system from anywhere at any time, safely and completely customizable.

    • E -Invoice is the electronic billing service of Punto Neutro. Following the trend to automate processes to improve workflow, E-Invoice will allow online billing to third parties via the network.

      Although the computer systems of the companies involved are heterogeneous, with E - Invoices the user only have to determine which company wants to bill and Punto Neutro will do the rest.

  6. What is the price?

    Punto Neutro services have been designed from a basic prism to any business model: the costs. All our services seeking an optimization between development costs and implementation and the final price paid by the user.

    If you are part of an NGO, foundation or non-profit association and believes that Punto Neutro services could help in the development of its activities, please contact us and we will study your case together to offer a solution that suits your needs, free of charge or at a nominal cost.

    To find information on prices and rates for an specific service, we recommend you to consult a section of the service on our website.

  7. How can I pay?

    At the moment we only have the Pay Pal system for payment, but soon we are going to incorporate the charge for debit card or payment by mandate.

  8. What kind of files and documents accepts Punto Neutro?

    Punto Neutro can send any file or document, from PDF to images or videos of high quality.

  9. Files and attachments are also certified?

    In both services, UPtoSEND and LOCKtoSEND, the attachments are certified.
    Each file is described in the certificate issued by a summary file or "hash", which serves as a fingerprint of the file.

  10. Do I need to install something on my computer?

    It is not necessary, because that services are accessible through our website. However, for an easiest use, it is recommended to download the applications management of Punto Neutro.

    To access the download of these applications have to go to the appropriate section of the website. Once downloaded, has a specific manual for each of these applications

    If you require more information please contact us.

  11. What kind of communication is convenient to send by Punto Neutro?

    Any important communication that must be protected and you need to prove their existence.

  12. I will receive a notification when my recipients sign accepting the delivery?

    When you are shipping and the recipient signs accepting the delivery, we will sent you a certificate of the comunication, so you will know that there has been a successful communication and may have a certificate that proves it.

  13. Can I tell my recipients that I sent them a communication by Punto Neutro?

    Punto Neutro has a system of SMS notices to recipients with or without certification.

  14. What happens if I have any legal problems with communication?

    From inception we will advise you and provide you with all the legal documents that have contracted, so you can demonstrate the communication to anyone you need to prove.

    In addition, Punto Neutro has the option to request a notarized certification of any communication you have carried out to a third party.

  15. Can I use my email account for conducting these communications?

    Yes, of course.

    By registering for any services that sustains our platform, we ask you to enter the email account with which you want to perform operations of Punto Neutro.
    You must then access to that email account to confirm your registration and proceed to manage your communications.

  16. What if I have multiple email accounts that I want to use for communications by Punto Neutro?

    Our team is working on a multi-accounts system so that a parent account can encompass several attached accounts, but that billing is carried out of the whole.

  17. Can I include my company logo within the message?

    Yes, if you are a user of UPtoSEND have a system of customizable templates. If you are a LOCKtoSEND user can add your company logo in your communications.

  18. How long will my certified communications be stored?

    If you are a user of LOCKtoSEND, once communication is finished, you have those files for a month in the system. Once extinct that period, you will be notified of the immediate deletion of these files, unless you choose the option to store them on the system for more than a five years legal period.

    If you are a user of UPtoSEND, has a limited storage depending on your share. When arriving at full capacity, will proceed to send a warning to delete files communications that you don't want, unless you choose the option to store them on the system for more than five years legal period.

  19. Can I delete the communications sent by Punto Neutro?

    From your user panel you can delete all communications you want to delete. However, for legal reasons, Punto Neutro have to keep these communications for more than a five years legal period.

  20. What if a shipment of LOCKtoSEND or UPtoSEND fails?

    If a shipment is delayed in delivery you will be notified immediately and Punto Neutro will give you a document with the reason of that latency.

    If the shipment can not be delivered, we will send you a document certifying the reason for non-delivery, the message content, the date and time of sending, and the data of sender and recipient. This document has legal validity.