What do you need?

Which type of protection do you need?

PUNTO NEUTRO allows you to:

  • Send certified emails and SMS
  • Send documents to be signed by one or more people
  • Send large documents with the ability to demonstrate content, delivery and download
  • Send documents protected with a password
  • Archive documents in the cloud, certifying the conservation and integrity and guaranteeing the access
  • Send a large amount of certified emails and SMS using custom templates

“Thanks to PUNTO NEUTRO I can organize a client's shareholders meeting by video call and then send them the agreement to sign online with full legal guarantees.”

“As an advisor of The Family I must safeguard all the documents and guarantee its integrity and conservation. PUNTO NEUTRO allows me to do it in an easy and economical way and with all the legal guarantees I need.”

“PUNTO NEUTRO is great for me to gather the consents I need to take care of my clients.”

“My work is confidential and that is why I use PUNTO NEUTRO to send reports to my clients and make sure that only they can read them.”