Punto Neutro

What we do


PUNTO NEUTRO is an online tool platform that allows you to secure and demonstrate all documentation and information related to your digital communications with third parties.

The PUNTO NEUTRO platform is based on three fundamental pillars for any individual, professional or company:

  • Security: Derived from the encryption of data and documents sent, received or deposited through the platform.
  • Probatory capacity: All digital evidence of communication processes is recorded in certificates that collect the delivery, reading and downloading of documents.
  • Immediateness: The implementation of new technologies allows to achieve immediate results and automation of the client's activity, which implies an important saving of time and money.

What digital solutions does PUNTO NEUTRO offer?

  • Certified Email: You can demonstrate the content and delivery of all your emails.

    You have several shipping methods with different certifying guarantees among which you can choose according to your certification needs:

    1. Basic Shipping (SENDtoCERT) with content and delivery certification.
    2. Basic Shipping Plus (SENDtoCERT ACP) with content certification, delivery and with certified reading acknowledgment.
    3. Standard Shipping (SENDtoYOU) with content certification, delivery and certified download of documents.
    4. Advanced Shipping (UPtoSEND) with content certification, delivery and with certified download of documents protected by password.
    5. Premium shipping (LOCKtoSEND) with intellectual property protection.

  • Text Message (SMS) Certificate: You can send notices and notifications directly to the mobile device of your recipients, being able to demonstrate the content, sending, delivery to the mobile device on a specific date and downloading of attachments from the link.

    For each text message you must specify:

    1. Recipient's mobile number
    2. Message body (max 160 characters)
    3. Attached documents

    According to the Consumption Plan that you have contracted, you will have to pay the price before the shipment or you will be charged as an additional concept to your monthly fee. If you have balance in your account you will be discounted the price of the shipment directly.

  • Certified Mailbox: You can authorize your recipients through a link sent by email to deliver files and documents up to 4 GB in size.

    These files and documents will be stored securely in your account and for each deposit action both you and the authorized person who makes the delivery will obtain a certificate with probatory capacity.

    By PUNTO NEUTRO you can receive any type of file or document, from PDF to high quality images or videos.

  • Certified Electronic Contracts: You can send your own contracts by email to be signed online.

    Your recipients will receive a certified email with an access link to the signature screen. You can specify a single contractual text or divide it into different clauses that the signer must see and sign separately.

    As for the type of signature, you can choose between simple digital signature (acceptance click on the screen) and digital signature by double factor (acceptance click on screen + Code sent by SMS to the signer's mobile).

  • Automated PDF Signature: With the Automated PDF Signature service of PUNTO NEUTRO you can automate the signing of PDF documents that you send as attachments in your certified communications.

    This service is only available to customers who work with Microsoft OUTLOOK for Windows and requires the installation of a specific PUNTO NEUTRO add-on.

    With the PUNTO NEUTRO plugin for Microsoft OUTLOOK already installed, you can access the Settings section and select the digital certificate with which you want the PDF documents to be signed.

  • Web Portal ARCO Certified Requests: With the PUNTO NEUTRO ARCO Certified Web Portal, you can offer as a data processing manager a simple, free and secure means by which those affected by the data processing that you do can send you a request for the exercise of their ARCO rights, in accordance with the procedures established by law.

    With the ARCO Certified Petitions Portal of PUNTO NEUTRO you will be offering a simple, free and safe way to exercise the ARCO rights of your affected and you will be complying exhaustively with the current legislation.

  • Certificate Deposit of Files and Documents - Corporate Protocols: This service allows in a simple, fast and convenient way to deposit in your PUNTO NEUTRO account any document, protocol or file in digital format that must be recorded.

    With the Certificate and Archives Certificate Deposit service - Corporate Protocols, the Compliance Officer of your company can work with the peace of mind that you have a digital tool that offers immediacy and probative guarantees for the exercise of your activity. daily