PUNTO NEUTRO, certified electronic contracts

Send electronic contracts to your recipients easily and safely.

You can know in real time if the recipient has opened the contract and if he has signed.

You will get two certificates evidencing the delivery notification and the contract signature.

As a user of Punto Neutro you have access to the module of electronic contracts. Here's how it works:

  1. Before sending the contract you must specify the recipients and the subject of the notification mail. Also, you have an space where you can paste or write the contract you want to send.

    You can specify multiple recipients for shipping. However, a contract for each recipient will be sent individually.

  2. The notification mail is sent to the recipients certified, so you can demostrate at least your intention to notify to the signer the existence of the contract.

  3. The recipient can view the contract in the body of the email. However, in order to sign the contract, either to accept or to reject i, he must click on a link that will take him to Punto Neutro.

  4. If the recipient sign accepting the contract, both parties will receive an email from Punto Neutro with the electronic contract signed, as well as the certificate attesting the signature and the exact time it occurred. If otherwise the recipient reject signing the contract, both parties will receive an email from Punto Neutro with the certificate attesting the rejection of the contract.

Prices and fees

For occasional use of the contracts service of PUNTO NEUTRO

Unit price contract Price with prepayment of 10€ Price with prepayment of 20€ Price with prepayment of 40€
Electronic contract of Punto Neutro 2€/contract 1.9€/contract 1.8€/contract 1.7€/contract

If you specify multiple recipients it's sending multiple contracts.

For a constant use of PUNTO NEUTRO contracts

As a monthly fee user you will get the most advantageous price for sending their contracts, independently of the fee contracted. The module contracts for monthly fee charged on a ratio of the following rate:

Price per contract: 1.7€