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Who we are

What is Punto Neutro?

Punto Neutro is a corporate entity whose main objective is to provide a robust communications channel where companies and professionals in any field can communicate efficiently and safely.

Our mission

To establish ourselves as the communications channel reference that provides companies and professionals in any field of a set of electronic communications services, with the additional possibility of certifying such communications to third parties, adapt formats and create automations ultimately to facilitate the management of its back office and adapt their business processes to new market needs.

Our vision

To be the communications channel par excellence to professionals and companies both nationally and internationally, providing a space with all the necessary services in orther to the user community of Punto Neutro can have a directory of companies where demand services with a single click, without the need for prior contact with the other party or additional concerns.

Our values

  • Business and human ethics

    We give priority to dealing with customers, society and our corporate human group with the aim of forming a family of great value around the brand Punto Neutro, based on human relations and co-creation.
  • Professionalism and critical sense

    In Punto Neutro we believe to form a brand value, sustained over time, we must focus on two fundamental aspects: to act professionally to optimally cover the needs of our customers and actively listen criticism.

    We believe in the strength of the reviews as a model of continuous improvement, in order to provide added value in each of our actions and to adapt to changing market environment.

  • Adaptability to changing market environment

    It is essential in today's society have a flexible and adaptable to changes structure, as these are becoming more pronounced and occur more frequently, providing a constant instability the context of social and business management.
  • Closeness and transparency in our communications

    Being one of the most important values in our brand identity, because we firmly believe that close contact with customers and the environment, and to exercise a policy of transparent communication are two characteristics that we can provide high added value as a trademark responsible, social and human.
  • Collaboration for rapid and sustainable growth

    In the current climate it is essential to maintain rapid and sustainable growth. The best way to get it is through collaboration with other entities and individuals that give the project values and specific skills.
  • Simplicity

    Less is more, offer a simple service involves putting things easy for our client.
  • Integration

    We want the Punto Neutro user community have available a broad portfolio of communication services, optimizing business processes and back office.

Punto Neutro, a Start Up arisen from the communicative needs.

Punto Neutro is a project that began in 2013 with a clear objective: to be the communications channel par excellence to businesses and professionals at national and international levels.

In a world where online transactions are the base of business communications, there are a large number of communication needs that are not being well covered. Merely to show that such communications have been successful or facilitate business processes through the creation of a set of adaptations and automation software can be a differential value for any business model that need to adapt to the new market needs.

The team Punto Neutro founders realized this and thought of a portfolio of electronic communications services that allow users to maintain a steady, secure communication, and above all, with costs of implementation and acceptable development.

Punto Neutro is a project that collects these crosscutting needs in many sectors and aims to provide a complete, easy-to-use and cost.

The explanation of the name is simple. A neutral point (Punto Neutro in spanish) is a physical structure that optimizes communications, reducing costs and waiting times, because all parts are interconnected at that point and can exchange information between them.

Punto Neutro allows a seamless communication between heterogeneous computer systems, thus facilitating the development of the daily activity of any business model with its environment.

Due to these communication difficulties, the vast majority of companies and professionals make use of simpler technologies, such as email messaging or certain platforms for sharing files in the cloud, which are very limited and leave unprotected information, besides not being able to prove the authorship of the content or the time the transaction occurred. This is where we differ from the competition and other technologies.

Thanks to the supply of services we offer to our users, they can provide proof of transactions, the moment that have been made and who has made them. Punto Neutro acts as a trusted third party between sender and recipient, allowing demonstrate all aspects of communication.

Our communications are based on double encryption: encryption of the message and attachments that default is performed at the time of upload to our servers and encryption itself of the upstream channel on the use of HTTPS or Protocol secure hypertext Transfer. In this way the files will always be encrypted on our servers.

Another distinguishing element Punto Neutro is its proximity to the customer. Our team will ensure from the outset, by a direct and practical support to our customers and users, both in terms of technical support as legal support.

Currently the project is in full development, just at the stage of release, so the internal structure and people that shape is a key asset of the entity.

Punto Neutro is a limited company formed by a team of professionals in the field of Information Technology, with many years of industry experience and great management skills and problem solving.

We are a group of people united by common goals. Each of the components contribute features and different goods, which together allow the entity is a reality of present and future.

We are a Start Up in the starting line with a market potential to exploit and a company that can cover latent needs.

Our goal is to become a benchmark in the world of telematic communications for businesses and professionals, and our biggest challenge the exercise as the communication channel for excellence nationally and internationally.

No, of course not. What sets us apart from other existing solutions is the fact of having studied the set of communicative needs in various fields and sectors of business, thus being able to generate a strong and unified solution.

Punto Neutro, in the near future, will allow to perform any professional or management company needs, with great efficiency and a more than affordable costs.

Company History

May 2013
Start of Project

The founders of the company meet the first time to develop the project guidelines.

August 2013
Start of the development

Begins development of corporative project.

December 2014
Starting with the beta version

The beta versión of Punto Neutro was launched and the testing period was opened.

February of 2015
Opening in Barcelona

Official opening of the Punto Neutro project in Barcelona and launch of the first two products to the market: LOCKtoSEND and UPtoSEND.

March of 2015
Opening in Madrid

Official opening of the Punto Neutro Project in Madrid.

December of 2015
Output to the national market

Launch of Punto Neutro as certified communications platform. Born shipping mode SENDtoCERT along with the addition of Punto Neutro for Outlook.

March of 2016
Electronic contracts

Punto Neutro offers to users the modeule of electronic contracts.

April 2016
SMS notifications

Punto Neutro offers to users the mofule of SMS and SMS certified.

May of 2016
Partners program

Punto Neutro launches partners program, integrated into a management panel that allows collaborators to track users who contribute to the platform.