PUNTO NEUTRO, notifications by text messaje (SMS)

Notify important information to your recipients by using a text message.

You can choose between SMS or SMS with emission certification.

If you want to send an SMS with delivery certificate to the device recipient request it here.

You can send a text message (SMS) directly from your user panel. Find out how it works:

  1. Before sending the text message (SMS) you must specify the recipients and the message body. You have 160 characters for drafting.

  2. Choose the mode SMS notification you want to perform: SMS or SMS certified. If you want to use the SMS with delivery certificate in the recipient device ask at the link above.

  3. Once sent, the system will redirect you to the section of sent SMS, where you can track the shipping steps and if necessary, download the certificate emission.

Prices and fees

You're user of occasional use or monthly fee, notification services via text message (SMS) as follows tarification:

Price for recipient
SMS 0.15€
SMS with certificate issuance 0.20€