Certified solutions for your business

Doesn’t matter the sector you come from, with PUNTO NEUTRO you will be able to:

Certified solutions

Certify and secure all your communications by email with third parties, being able to demonstrate both the content and the date of delivery of their communications to each of the recipients.

Send videos, audio recordings or large documentation in a certified and encrypted form through the platform. In this way you can demonstrate the delivery of these documents, comply with the Organic Law on Data Protection and save time and money on unnecessary deliveries.

Check if the recipients of your emails receive them properly, knowing in real time if they have opened them and even if they have downloaded the attachments.

Send electronic contracts to one or more recipients for viewing and signing online. Simple, fast and efficient. Save your clients, partners and suppliers tedious handwritten signature processes.

Keep a copy of the information sent by email in a safe place. In this way you can retrieve both the content and the attachments of your communications by email in the event of any computer contingency.

Deposit documentation in a certified manner. With the solution PUNTO NEUTRO Certificate Deposit you can show both the deposit date and the deposited content. This service is ideal to demonstrate the existence of internal protocols or certain documentation of value in Corporate Compliance processes.

Notify any information to the recipient's mobile device in a certified way via text message (SMS). In this way, in addition to the electronic mail, you can use the mobile device of your recipients to notify important information or urgent notices and, if necessary, prove it.

Certified inbox. With this service, you can send an email link to anyone to give you large documentation or files directly to your email account. Both parties will receive an email with the certificate that certifies the delivery action.

With PUNTO NEUTRO you can ensure and demonstrate all your digital processes, as well as keep a secure copy of all your communication processes with third parties. Try our monthly plans for free and check it out. Check our plans