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Certified comunications by PUNTO NEUTRO


Certified comunications this year

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With probative ability

Certified Digital Communications

It allows you to protect your digital communications and obtain certificates with probative value of its content and sending. Replace the Burofax and the certified letter by a more economical, fast and efficient method with all the legal guarantees you need.

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Certified Digital Signature

Sign contracts, minutes, budgets or any other document and organize the signatures of third parties, from your computer quickly and easily and with all legal guarantees.

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Certification and custody of digital files

It demonstrates the integrity and belonging of a file or document regardless of its format. It guarantees its encryption, integrity, conservation and access. Complies quickly and effectively with the main regulatory environments (RGPD, Money Laundering Law ...)

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100% Encrypted

PUNTO NEUTRO works with the most innovative data encryption mechanisms so that all your information is protected and confidential.

Legal compliance

It complies quickly and effectively with the main regulatory environments (RGPD, LSSI, Money Laundering Law ...).

Technical and notary certification

All your digital processes will be guaranteed technically and notarially.

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Our multi-license plans allow the incorporation of PUNTO NEUTRO security to all the teams in your professional environment.


You make PUNTO NEUTRO. Customize your shipments from your customer panel, incorporating your logo and corporate colors to your emails and to your web panel. Configure our applications and services with the casuistics of your operation.


PUNTO NEUTRO is a non-intrusive solution that allows you to integrate into your applications and tools through Web Services easily and simply and with the support of our technicians.


Distinct yourself as an innovative and technological company incorporating a seal of security and good practices to your business processes.

Immerse yourself in Punto Neutro

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Punto Neutro

A highly recommended solution

With PUNTO NEUTRO we can demonstrate the content and delivery of our e-mails.

Ramón Feixó Ramón Feixó / Court Procurator

We have managed to have more certainty and security in electronic communications with our clients, which is fundamental in our work.

Jorge Isern Jorge Isern / Director of Isern Patentes y Marcas

PUNTO NEUTRO is ideal to avoid the non-payment of invoices.

Pere Brachfield Pere Brachfield / Credit Management specialist

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