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What is Punto Neutro?


Punto Neutro is a startup company that has as a main goal providing a solid communications channel, where companies and professionals in any field can communicate in an efficient and safe way.

Core features

Feature 1

Trusted third party

Punto Neutro acts as a trusted third party between you and your recipients, certifying all your communications, so you can develop your work activity with confidence and security.

Feature 2

Deliveries monitoring

Manage your deliveries and keeps track of all transactions from your user panel.

Feature 3

Fully customizable

Implement Punto Neutro in your Outlook or download it to your desktop to access it in a fast and convenient way.

Feature 4

Connect with your applications

Connect your applications with our web service and you can conduct your communications from your usual management applications.

Feature 1

SMS notifications

Send a SMS alert to recipients to inform them that you have received the information that you had agreed. This way you can keep a much more efficient communication and optimum workflow. The message can be certified for safety.

Feature 2

Diferent modes of communication

Choose the communication mode that best suites your needs in terms of guarantees certificatorias you want to obtain.

Feature 3

Encryption protocols

Punto Neutro incorporates the newest encryption protocols to ensure the security and confidentiality of the documents sent.

Feature 4

Legal coverage

Punto Neutro is covered by solid Legal Bases in each of its areas of activity.